Fitness Classes

Yoga Sculpt
Yoga meets free weights to create the perfect harmony between sculpting lean muscle, creating flexibility, and asana with the incorporation of natural body weight and props. 

Be ready to sweat for this one! All membership types are welcome!

Hot Barre
Your favorite HOT BARRE class! "Figure 4" references the four main areas of the body that are targeted in a traditional barre setting-arms, core, seat, and legs are worked, sculpted, and strengthened in a fun format. Up-paced dance hits and a balmy 90+ degrees will leave you feeling invigorated!

Barre Brawl
This 60-minute class features a combination of intense kickboxing sequences and barre body work. Abdominals, thighs, and glutes will fire up as you duck, bob, and weave!

Your power yoga postures will effortlessly segway into a killer core workout. Upbeat tunes, high energy, and a yoga mat are the only requirements!

Yoga Classes

The original 26! Hatha postures will be explored in the same traditional sequence with accompanying breathing exercises. Variations of order and alternative asanas may be added or offered, depending on the instructor.

Sunrise Yoga
A dynamic blend of restorative postures mixed with a nice variety of working/powerful vinyasas. Yin and yang meld to create the perfect start to your day!

Yin & Yang
Two principles- one dynamic class! Intensity meets passivity, push meets pull, work meets play. A hard-working dynamic flow of postures will get the heart pumping and muscles strong in the first half. Restorative opening of the body will follow, allowing the breath to slow and mind to go in the second. All encompassing... this is the class we all NEED to achieve that perfect balance to start the week right.

Full Blast Happy Hour
TGIF! End your workweek and ramp up to weekend status with energetic tunes (old and new-requests encouraged!) and a challenging flow practice. This is an all-levels, all-welcome class. Various posture alternatives will be offered and refreshments will be provided post-class!

Vinyasa yoga postures, otherwise known as "flow" yoga, are explored through various orders and creative sequencing. Sun salutations and linking breath with movement is the primary focus of Flow.

A great cross-training practice for athletes of all types, but open and welcome to all levels.

SlowBURN Flow
Traditional Vinyasa melds with a culmination of posture mixes and sequencing,differing by class and instructor. The exploration of alignment, breath, and building blocks lead into fluid motions in a slower setting. All liveles and experience, this is a great segway into building a flow practice!

"Fusion" is the combination of two or more elements to create a new fitness philosophy. When the breathing, lengthening, and strengthening of yoga meets the grit and tenacity of popular fitness techniques, Fusion is born!