Personal Yoga Training

This is Yoga the way it has been taught traditionally for centuries, one-on-one, teacher to student.  The class will be designed with your goals in mind and postures will be adapted to your unique body.   Want more strength, stamina, and control? Better balance? More flexibility? Have an injury or need some help addressing particular restrictions in the body? Have a hard time harnessing the breath in class? Maybe you are hyper-flexible and want to build more strength and stability.  Perhaps you are eager for more challenging postures and inversions to throw into your regular classes.  Or maybe you just want to find more peace and ease in your postures.  This class is all about you and what you want from your Yoga practice.  And best of all, you will have tools to keep a personal practice alive that you can take with you wherever you go.

Each session is held at the studio with the level of heat that you decide!   Sessions are also available for small groups of any size.

All classes by appointment, contact Nadia for details and pricing.